From basics to advanced, there’s a gymnastics class at Fusion that fits your needs. Our program incorporates balance training, coordination, and encouragement with an emphasis on building from the fundamentals.


A program for the athlete who wants to focus on tumbling and the trampoline. Athletes train with motion work, jumping, and tumbling and carry these skills into many sports such as cheerleading, diving, track hurdles, and high jump.

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Gymnastics Teams

With our USA Gymnastics Team and our Club Team with USAIGC, there are two options for the gymnast who is serious about the sport.    Athletes begin training on our pre-team, and then are invited to try out for one of our Competitive Teams where gymnasts travel and compete locally, regionally, and even nationally!

Trampoline and Tumbling Team

The Fusion T & T Team is suited for the athlete that likes being on the floor and on the trampoline.  The team has competed throughout the nation.

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