USAIGC Club Team

Our Fusion Club Team is a comprehensive program designed to develop skills.  Classes follow a curriculum that’s designed with current standards and best practices.  We strive to manage all aspects of athlete performance – mental and physical.

Established in 1973, USAIGC moved in a new competitive direction in 2001 when it eliminated the compulsory program and replaced it with a six level Optional Only Competitive Program that provides Gymnasts and Coaches with a large variety of gymnastic skills to work on instead of mandatory restrictive compulsory skills. To support the new Competitive Program, the USAIGC developed a USAIGC Code of Points using the Collegiate Rules as a guide. The USAIGC fosters and nurtures the attributes of a sound mind and sound body leading to successful, healthy and well-rounded athletes. This is what the USAIGC Competitive Program is all about!

Competition Schedule

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10 Citation Lane
Lititz, PA  17543